I have always thought as FMX listeners as a better class of people.  I have fought to prove this year after year.  Our listeners are more caring, more accepting and more giving.  Rock people in general are more open minded and less hateful than a lot of the other people out there, and FMX listeners are just a little bit better than that.  For this reason I'm calling on all of you this weekend.  More after the break.


I am hereby proclaiming this weekend, May 3rd through 5th, a "Good Troll" weekend.  If you are unaware a "troll" is someone who just goes around to spread misery on other peoples web pages just to get a reaction.  "Trolls" are miserable little punks who add nothing to this world.  For this reason, just having a "no Troll" weekend would not be enough.  Instead I'm challenging to do a simple task, any time over the three days this weekend.  I want you to write three positive comments on any three web or Facebook pages (the more random the better).  It doesn't take an effort to be mean and petty to another human being, I want you to go out into Facebook or web and tell somebody you appreciate them.  Put a picture of a funny cat on their page. Maybe if you see they're having a hard time you could be a little more specific and some how make them feel better.  Remember, it will mean even more if it's someone you hardly know, but randomly picking up your friends is good to.

Now you may already do these kind of things, if so, step it up and do three more.  Sit down and make an effort.  The internet is one of the greatest tools mankind has ever had and we too often let mean little snots drag us down for no reason.

Let's also not forget that Sunday is Cinco De Mayo which means two things, we can be a part of the good vibes of the weekend and we probably need to get it done before Sunday because the party is on!