I get pretty frustrated with product packing and if you don't mind, I'd like to take moment to vent.  There's three pretty big reasons why a crappy package can ruin my day.  I'll lay 'em out for you after the jump.


Yeah, this could be a little boring for a blog, but I'll be these things hack you off too.  With Christmas right around the corner you're going to be dealing with a lot of packaging so you might want to take note of these complaints.

*Deceptive Packaging.  This one makes me really mad.  I'll pay for a full package; go ahead and raise the price.  I recently bought one of those cup holder packages of gum and after finally getting it open, it was half full.  What the hell, charge me an extra quarter and fill that bad boy up!  I'm sure you guys who love cereal will agree with this one as well.

*Hard To Get Into Packaging.  I recently bought a pocketknife from the hardware store. The knife was displayed in the package open.  I couldn't even bend the vacuum packaging enough to get the knife out. The end result-I had to borrow a knife to get my knife out.

*Enormous Waste.  I am certainly no 'green freak', but just look around Xmas morning after everything has been opened and taken out of it's packaging.  Its all of that stuff really necessary?  You can't even buy a metal truck for a kid without it being wire tied into a Styrofoam base, then wire tied to cardboard, then taped inside it's display box.

So what about you?  Do you think the packaging out there has gotten a little out of control?  Have you got to the point where you've bought some of those package opening electric scissors (that are really hard to get out of the packaging?