A movement is back underway to bring hockey back for the third time (I guess?)  Add to this our failed minor league baseball and football team(s?) and I have to ask, "how long do you have to look at a hot horseshoe"?


I know a city grows and changes. Tastes evolve or even de-evolve.  We'll also never get anywhere if we don't keep trying, but c'mon.  Are we really going to go through this again?  I don't have anything against hockey or baseball or whatever anybody is into, but I just feel bad that so much time, energy and love are put into these things only to see them fail time and time again.

I personally didn't see anything wrong with the product that was put on the ice before. I thought they did a good job, there just weren't enough people around to support it. I had a blast at the game I went to, but after that it was a bunch of 'been there, done that".  So what makes a team repeatedly watchable?  I really don't know.  I wrote this article with a slightly provocative title in hopes some of you can tell you why you haven't got behind these minor league sports that have come to town.  Are they too expensive, do the teams change players to often, is it all about winning.  Lastly, if were going to choose one minor league sport to support, what would it be?