Heathen and I were watching this video of a young lady in Britain. She was interviewing a group of Muslims as they went down the street saying "British Police Go To Hell" and other hateful slogans. This brings to mind some tough questions. At what point does free speech end and deportation begin? More after the jump.


Muslim extremists want Sharia Law.  They use the tenants of Democracy in Brittan and elsewhere to preach for their law that would not allow them free speech.  It's just insane to think about that one sentence, it's like saying "hey, take away our rights".   At what point do we say, well, you don't like it here, it's time for you to leave?  Heathen and I were kinda, just  barely in agreement that when you start yelling "Police go to hell.." instead of normal criticisms, that maybe we should kick your ass across the border.  Then, let's look at the other side.  Some of the more extreme Tea Party types have been seen with pictures lynching the President; should they go too?  It all get's very sticky at this point.

I went ahead and included the video I mentioned before because it shows the whole picture.  You have people in your country that hate your government, your police, the way you dress, the way you talk and so on, even though it's the native customs of that country.  So why should the locals have to change? Why should the locals have to put up with all this hate?  Why should you be able to say those things in what amounts to a mask?  These are all tough questions and for once, I'm leaning against free speech.  I don't really believe in the threat of hell or anything, but you can tell that these people are being very provocative and confrontational (or as we call it around here "spoiling for a fight"). There has to be a point when criticism becomes threats or hate speech and I think the people in the video have reached that level.  I personally would march them straight to a boat and I wouldn't really care if it ever hit ANY land.  To that end, I'm saying if you want to live under Muslim law, then move to somewhere that has it.  I would also say, if you don't like the laws of the land anywhere you live, then maybe you should get the hell out (and that includes the U.S. government haters and conspiracy nuts).

So what are your thoughts?  How do we protect free speech and stop hate at the same time?  When does a persons viewpoints become so unpleasant and Anti-American that we have to do something about them?