Those people that sell newspapers from the medians in the streets make me nervous.  It's just a matter of time before someone gets hit.  Worst yet, they've given other people the idea and now you can't drive down the street without someone hassling you and putting themselves in danger.  More after the jump.


So Saturday afternoon me and crew had to make a run to Harbor Freight.  We were at the intersection of 34th and the Interstate access road and there were kids, around ten years old on the median with signs that said "Honk if you love Jesus" (I think they were also trying to get people to go to a car wash).  Seriously, who puts their kids in the middle of an intersection, no more than a few feet from cars going 40 miles an hour?

So now we have kids, newspaper vendors, charities and homeless people in the medians.  It's a huge distraction for drivers and incredibly dangerous for people who put themselves in those situations.  Let's mention one more thing too; even if a driver hits one of these idiots and it's completely the fault of the person in the street, it still has the potential to haunt that driver and ruin their life.  So even taking the most pessimistic view possible, it's one thing to set yourself or your kids up as roadkill, it's quite another to turn an innocent driver into a murderer.