RockShow Threesome: Dog Calls 911 For Himself [AUDIO]
Okay, the dog actually called "999" but in England that is the equivalent of 911.  So what does a British dog say when he actually gets and answer, find out about this, a couple of strangely named Okies and a new definition of "eat and run" next.
RockShow Threesome: The Man That Can Unleash The Kraken! [AUDIO]
We had Toby Kebbell on the show and he is one fun dude. He plays the son of Poseidon in the new "Wrath Of The Titans" movie. We talked to him about the new flick and whether "unleashing the kraken" mean pulling your thing out, or taking a dump. This and more fu…
RockShow Threesome: Cat Has Worst Day Ever [AUDIO]
I guess the title of this one could be open for a little debate.  The cat could be having a really bad day, or the cat could just have a really bad owner.  Let's start with a simple fact that I think pretty much everyone out there should know, CATS DON'T JOG.  More after the…

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