A Great Scam For Bad Times [AUDIO]
Has your job had a lot of turnover?  If I guy walked into your place of business and said he was the "new boss" would you question him?  That's the scam that the guy in todays story pulled off.  Click through for the details.
Indian Train Tracks Greased With Dookie [AUDIO]
My uncle Bill used to have a dune buggy with a trap door in the floor. Now this was the days before anybody thought twice about littering or whatever.  We'd have no problem dropping an apple core or sunflower seeds or anything through that trap door.  Sometimes we'd just watch the road go by.  And y…
Magic Website Turns Mormons Gay [AUDIO]
Man this one is a can of worms.  A while back we had the story of a Mormon practice of "baptizing" people after they were dead (including some Jewish folks who probably didn't appreciated it).  It's kind of weird, but they want you in their Mormon express line t…
Man Pounds Porpoise On The Beach [AUDIO]
So, what do you think this story is about?  Do you think it's about sea mammal abuse, or personal abuse.  Well I'll give you a second to make up your mind.  Okay, now click through.
Hey, There’s A 300 Pound Naked Man In Wal-Mart [AUDIO]
Great headline huh?  Although I'm sure some of you have seen equally weird stuff in Wallyworld.  The problem always is, how do you deal with a large naked guy?  You certainly don't want to tackle him.  Maybe that's what he planned all along, he just figured, &q…
Man Steals Dog [AUDIO]
I'm glad we don't get much of what I'd call "street crime" around here.  I'm talking about being robbed while walking in a park or just down the street.  Sure, we have plenty of crime, but I feel relatively safe going about my daily business.  In …
Man Performs Service For Return Of Phone [AUDIO]
You can't even prepare yourself for this story. A man has his cell phone stolen.  The man agrees to do something to get it back, and the rest you have to hear. This is one for the record books.  More after the jump.
Heathen Gets His Turn As “Worst Dad Ever” [AUDIO]
Okay, truth be told, this could have happened to anyone.  As a matter of fact, something similar has probably happened to you or someone you love.  It's just Heathen's "Turn" to look like a complete assh@le.  More after the jump.
Angry Lesbian Hit And Run Rampage [AUDIO]
I tried to think of a more descriptive title for this story.  I really did.  But if "Angry lesbian hit and run rampage" doesn't hook you in, I doubt anything will.  This story is terrible, and for a number of reasons.  Check it out after the jump.
Trying To Learn About Mardi Gras [AUDIO]
I'm smart about somethings, but really dumb about others.  The good thing is, I've never had a problem asking for answers when I need them.  Today, we tried to learn a little bit about the customs surrounding Mardi Gras, but it didn't go so well.  Details after the jump…

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