Where’s That “Special Sauce” Coming From? [AUDIO]
A man who has fathered a bunch of kids as a sperm donor is claiming to be a virgin.  Is this a good thing, or are you just breeding a tribe of geeks?  Do you want "unmixed" baby batter or do you want the fresh kind?  I have no freakin' idea, Heathen has the stor…
What To Do With Those Extra Bras [AUDIO]
We get lists.  Serious lists, silly lists, stupid lists. It's almost a Dr. Suess list of lists, it's so ridiculist!  The list we have for you today is especially silly.  More after the jump.
Complications and Questions Arise From Gay Divorce [AUDIO]
Of course gay people are going to get divorced as well as married. All they ever wanted was to be treated like everybody else. Well everybody else has a high divorce rate, so why not gays?  Heathen has some questions about the process though.
Heathen Lists “The Weirdest Condoms” [AUDIO]
Condoms are obviously necessary to spread the transmission of disease and to help plan unwanted pregnancies.  It's for those reason that people deal with the ridiculousness of the situation.  To stop everything and put a balloon on your business can make for an awkward (but important) few moments.  …
Should Congress Ban Welfare Bucks From Strip Bars? [AUDIO]
Hey, poor people need boobies too!  Or do they?  A new law is being looked into that would prevent welfare recipients from making withdrawals at certain locations.  I personally wasn't aware there was a problem, my guess is that some congressmen ran into a homeless guy at a strip…

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