Rise Against Cover Journey [AUDIO]
Rise Against are just a great rock band, no matter what. And when they decided to cover a classic like Journey's "Any Way You Want It", they really bring it.
The RockShow: Free Samples [AUDIO]
Everyday we do a little extra audio for the FMX Stream.  It's kind of like the promos you hear for the show over the air, but the freedom on the interweb allows us to go a bit longer and be a big juicier in the content.  Anyways, we have some pretty fun samples of the show for you to …
8-Bit Slayer! [AUDIO]
A Slayer fan has uploaded an 8-bit version of "Reign In Blood". Not familiar with 8-bit? Imagine Slayer doing the "Legend Of Zelda" soundtrack. That's what you have here. R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman.

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