Shame on You, Miley Cyrus [VIDEO]
In a world where there are people dying of hunger, American men and women giving their lives for our freedom, and people in this country struggling just to survive from month to month.
Guess That Breast
It's edition #5 of "Guess That Breast". Look carefully at the glorious rack, take a guess at who it belongs to, then click through for the answer.
“Rocky” The Musical On The Way [AUDIO]
Somethings should JUST BE LEFT ALONE.  I think I'd have to put the original "Rocky" in that category.  Why mess up it's memory by making it into something else?  Plans are afoot to do just that.  Check out the details and the awesome theme song after t…
Ashton Kutcher: Douchebag Of The Year?
Ashton Kutcher played a dipsh#t one "The 70's Show".  Off screen he was supposed to be a genius who just fell into acting.  Truth is, he's a dipsh#t off screen as well. He gave us the t.v. show "Pranked" which was just a rip off of Candid Camera (the only addition being he pranke…
Even God Loves Sofia Vergara’s Boobs [AUDIO]
Sofia Vergara plays "Gloria" on the hit t.v. show "Modern Family".  Pictures of her play every night in my dreams.  Holy moly this is a whole lot of Latina Lovin'!  More after the jump.

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