Are You Ready To “Guess That Breast”? [PIC]
Here's how it works, I'll post a YouTube screen cap of a famous ladies boob(s).  You formulate your guess and click through to see if you were right.  See if you're a real "breastologist" or just an alternate on the "t@tty committee".
Reactions From Nancy Grace’s Nip Slip [AUDIO]
Man, do we know about overinflated complaints to the FCC.  The world is just full of assh@oles who don't know how to turn a radio or t.v. off when they are exposed to something they don't like.  Read more after the break.
Steven Tyler Takes a Fall
Steven Tyler is not Steven "Smiler" right now. TMZ is reporting that Mr. T took a nasty fall in the shower. Supposedly Steven bashed a few teeth out. He is reportedly doing alright but you'd think with teeth that big it would be life threatening.
Rock In Peace Lew Dee
Radio Legend Lew Dee has passed away. He will be greatly missed by Lubbock and by all that knew him..

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