The New Bad Lip Reading Video Hits Michelle Bachmann [VIDEO]
In case you haven't heard, the best website this month, so far at least, is badlipreading.com. We posted the video they did with Rick Perry earlier. Now they've gotten Michelle Bachmann. These videos are hilarious! Watch them all at their website, or just check back here regularly and we&a…
Toby Keith Kicks Ass [AUDIO]
Yeah we said it. Toby Keith kicks ass.  Now, we couldn't name even ONE Toby Keith song. Read and hear why we think he kicks ass up next.
The New Two and a Half Men Opener is Exactly the Same [VIDEO]
I knew that when they dumped Charlie Sheen and got Ashton Kutcher on the show that they would have to recut the opening. Most of the time a show will just edit the old character out and move on. However we all know that the Men intro is just the 3 guys so what do they do?

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