What Is A Jackyl Anyway? [VIDEO]
With only 11 days left until the Jackyl show I thought I would do a count down of sorts to get everyone ready to rock with the band on July 2nd
Suicide Girl-Lucious [PICS]
Meet Luscious, a Canadian Suicide Girl who says she enjoys long runs in her city and running inanimate objects over with her car. If you score a date with this hottie, make sure hitting a fast-food joint isn't on the itinerary, as she says she "would eat animals if it was back to the old-schoo…
Jennifer Love-Hewitt: Worst-Reviewed Movie Actress Since 1985
Jennifer Love-Hewitt has unofficially been dubbed the worst-reviewed movie actress since 1985.
So says Slate, anyway, which recently compiled data from Rotten Tomatoes, a site that generates reviews from movie critics based on a "fresh" and "rotten" scale. Hewitt's review score av…

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