Want To See Keira Knightley Topless? [VIDEO]
Two years before "Pirates Of The Caribbean" , a young Keira Knightley starred in a pretty cool suspense thriller called "The Hole".  I had no idea she was about to show the moneymakers.  Yeow!  Read more after the break.
Jackass Stars During Better Times [PICS]
I'm sure Dunn would want us to remember the laughs and the great friendship he shared with the guys.  Here's a look at the guys during the Jackass 3-D premiere and at the MTV Movie Awards.
Is Katy Perry A Geek, Or Making Fun Of Geeks?
Katy Perry is on my radar for a couple of reasons (not those), I'm a fan of her husband (Russel Brand) and I'm across the hall from Kiss-FM. She seems harmless enough but her new "character" is a little offensive. Read more after the jump.

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