Bush Streams First Single From Latest Album
In the coming weeks, we'll have a new Bush album to get our hands on, but for now, all we have is this brand new, freshly released single. The new tune is entitled "The Only Way Out" and you can listen here.
From the Vault — Wes Rocking Through The 80s
I found a very old photo album and made a few scans to share with my friends.  It occurred to me that many of my listeners have hung with me through the years and went to these same shows and met these same folks.  So get ready for some fun!
Nothing But Respect From Sharon Osbourne
When I think of British women I think of prim and proper women who are well spoken and have good manners, women like Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana. Women who drink hot tea from tea cups with saucers and eat crumpets while wearing cool hats, that's what I envision when I think of women from ac…
You Named Your Kid What?
In this line of work, I meet a lot of people, and aside from people I have given nicknames...Badger, Artimus, Heathen.... don't worry, I'm not talking about you guys. I have not really come across anyone with a truly unusual name that has made me wonder what their parents were thinking whe…
Chris Jericho On The RockShow [AUDIO]
We were able to visit with the incredibly talented Chris Jericho on the RockShow. Since it was a Labor Day Broadcast, we wanted to make sure you got a chance to hear it. He's a fun guy.
Be Careful What You Tweet [VIDEO]
Remember when you were in elementary school and you liked a boy or girl and a best friend would pass them a note that said, "do you like (whoever). circle yes or no."

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