Be Careful What You Tweet [VIDEO]
Remember when you were in elementary school and you liked a boy or girl and a best friend would pass them a note that said, "do you like (whoever). circle yes or no."
Rob Halford’s Back Problems Continue
After seeing Rob Halford with a cane on the Golden Gods awards, I was wondering if it was just for looks or if the legendary frontman was actually having back problems. Turns out, he's got some issues.
Sharon Osbourne Wants To Put Her Foot Deep In Ozzy’s Rear End
There is nothing more frightening than the wrath of a woman scorned. The lovely Sharon Osbourne is one woman I would not want to be pissed at me in any way. Many of us know the damage that can be done when it comes to fighting the demons. Sadly, Ozzy's fall off the wagon is putting a strain on …

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