Rock Star Cliff Notes
I don’t really know what inspired to do this, but I thought it might be interesting to you.  My goal is to give my impression of the rocks stars I’ve met in three words or less.  First, let me tell you, that backstage meetings are awkward and very brief. It’s also very possible that the artists in q…
Dee Snider Gets Roasted [VIDEO]
Fellow rockers and comedians gathered last night to see if Dee Snider could take it at the second annual Rock and Roll Roast at the Grove in Anaheim, California.
Plaxico Burress Dodges A Bullet
If you are not a football fan you probably remember Plaxico Burress more what what he has done off the field rather than on. On November 28, 2008 Burress was at a nightclub in Manhattan with a fellow player. Long story short, someone had a gun, police were involved, and as Burress attempted to hide …
Leave Minnie Mouse Alone!!
Ok, I've seen and heard some crazy stuff over the years. People get upset over some REALLY strange stuff, remember the pregnant Barbie doll sold at Wal-Mart several years ago??
Chelsea Handler And Sandra Bullock Naked [SLIGHTLY NSFW]
Who wants a mouth full of pixels? THIS GUY FOR SURE. To help 'celebrate' her new studio, Chelsea Handler started her show with a skit featuring her getting a 'talking to" by Sandra Bullock. All of this "talking to" happens while they're naked in the shower.
I don't care how pixelated i…

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