Flying Alabama Fan Attacks O.U. Student [VIDEO]
Since this lady is behaving in a classless way, is it okay that I noticed that she's kind of hot? Serious MILF action here. Anyways I don't know what these O.U. fans said to this lady, but please tell me so I can get her to fly on top of me.
Comedy Club: Jim Jefferies On “Drinking Games”
Jim Jefferies is a modern day comedy genius. He is one of a very few that can step in and help fill the void left by the passing of George Carlin.  A lot of his stuff is really raunchy, but I chose a clip for you that I think a lot of us can relate to.
Comedy Club: Josh Blue [VIDEO]
I ran across this video of Josh Blue who was on Last Comic Standing. Blue has cerebral palsy and that's where a lot of his comedy is centered.  Regardless of his condition, he's a VERY funny comedian.  He was the first comic ever on Ellen, he's been on Mind of Mencia and won…

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