“Hand Farts” The New Sub-Genre Of Metal? [VIDEO]
The list goes on and on how you can define metal and what metal band fits into the genre and the sub-genre's go on and on, nu-metal, black metal, unblack metal, death metal, core metal, death core metal, grind core metal, sludge metal, thrash metal, speed metal, hardcore metal, viking metal, doom me…
SkyBalls Could Help Save Your Balls [VIDEO]
Chris O'Dowd is a European actor who is on a mission. A mission from God? Well, maybe not. Unless if you consider saving your juevos from cancer to live a long and healthy life a mission from God. Then yes.
Hey Bartender
Last night Woody and I headed out for dinner and drinks for our weekly date night outing. At the table next to us there were four pretty tough looking guys with tattoos who were obviously out enjoying an evening of male bonding over a few beers.
Comedian John Caparulo
Comedian John Caparulo’s sharp wit, unique delivery, and brilliant affinity for cuss words made him a crowd favorite...
The Best Idea For Computers Ever
I hate internet trolls.  Now, let me clarify, if you have a vested interest in something and you wish to criticize it, more power to you.  If you're just a dumb-ass intent on being a mean-spirited dumb-ass, then I have a great idea.

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