Must See Comedy #2-Tommy Boy [Video]
I have rarely found a comedy as re-watchable as "Tommy Boy".  The movie was the perfect vehicle for stars Chris Farley and David Spade.  The movie was a  perfect distillation of the chemistry between these two.  More after the jump.
Ready To Act 5 Again? Watch This Video. [VIDEO]
This is what happens when you give guys like me video editing skills. This is an MMA fight with an Australian sounding announcer, and a fighter with the last name Mainus. Put them together and you anus. Giggle like you wanna.
Must See Comedies #1 “This Is Spinal Tap” [VIDEO]
I thought for a minute about doing a series of "must see movies" but decided it would be better to focus on comedies.  Even better, you know how sometimes you get tired of looking for something to watch so you stop on one of your favorites and get sucked back in all over again?  I'm going …
Blogging With Mike Driver [VIDEO/NSFW]
You already know that we are constantly blogging right here on and now I will give you an exclusive behind the scenes look at blogging with Mike Driver. And be warned Driver drops a pretty funny F Bomb at the end of this video.
When Robots Love Washing Machines [VIDEO]
I hope that all of you are familiar with Adult Swim's series entitled Robot Chicken. I remember some years ago when my little sister was young we were watching an episode and out of no where comes a Robot and a Washing Machine.
Golfing With Your Pants Down [VIDEO]
Today was a great day for a round of golf, so I met up with some of my bros and we teed off. There is a unspoken rule when you tee off and your ball doesn't go past the women's tee, you drop your pants.

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