Stand-Up Comic Jason Russell To Hit The Hub City
Valentine's Day can be one of those days where if you don't have a love interest of your own, besides maybe your hand, then it can be a real downer. Luckily, funnyman Jason Russell will be at BackStage that Saturday night to cheer you up.
Kitchen Sink Sprayer Prank [VIDEO]
This past Christmas when my boys were here, I just had to introduce them to some of the best pranks to pull on someone. The first one I had to pull on them was the kitchen sink sprayer prank. You can check it out here.
Jay Whitecotton & Larry Garza At Backstage Live
LMAO presents another killer comedy show. This Saturday night Backstage Live presents Jay Whitecotton with special guest Larry Garza.   Jay Whitecotton is hot out of San Antonio Texas. We’ll...
See What Happens When People Dare to Fight This Ninja [VIDEO]
This is a funny video and worth watching until the end. The setup is simple: a solitary ninja stands with a sword at his feet and a message that says "fight me."
A few people take him up on his offer of a free sword fight, except things aren't exactly how they seem here.

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