Zeke Gets A Wake Up Call At 2:15am [VIDEO]
Last night the boys and I had a night PS4 night with "Injustice: Gods Among Us" and when Zeke couldn't stand it anymore he crashed out and I gave him a wake up call at 215 this morning!
Landon King Suffers The Wrath Of Bubble Guts [VIDEO/NSFW]
So last night I had one of those nights where I didn't expect to get as intoxicated as I really did, and what do you do when you are hammered in the wee hours of the morning well you stop at a local store where I know that they have the fried burritos AKA "gut grenades" and I …
Wes Nessman And The Darkness [VIDEO/NSFW]
I don't always have to try to annoy Wes Nessman, sometimes I will just throw random song quotes from different bands at him to see what his reaction. This video shows Wes Nessman showing off his vocal range and what would into a great story about The Darkness.
Conference Calls With Wes Nessman [VIDEO]
Today when I came to work I noticed that myself, Driver and Wes had to be part of a conference call, and since it was myself, Wes and Driver in the jock room, I had to to start up with Wes.
Doug Stanhope
My favorite comedian, Doug Stanhope returns to Lubbock!  Stanhope got his start in Lubbock opening for Captain Rowdy....
Ralphie May
Ralphie May is headed back to Lubbock. Ralphie always draws killer crowds.   Ralphie May will hit the...

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