Get Out And Support Local Talent Sometime
Local music, local art, local theater, it doesn't matter to me I will support it because I am all too aware that if we don't support it while we can that one day it could be gone.
Are The Kids Of Today Alright?
They will never know the joy of leaving the house right after breakfast and riding their bike to a friends house to get everyone together to play a game of football in the street or a pickup game of baseball in a vacant lot.
New Year’s Resolution Part 2
Smile at a stranger, open the door for people as you enter a building, give the mom with the screaming child at the grocery store words of encouragement rather than a glance or irritation.
‘Nasty Women’ Exhibit Happens Tonight
Now, before you get all weird on me let me tell you, this exhibit is part of a growing national trend of women who are speaking up through their art to all the threats of reversing many of their rights.

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