WWE ’12′ — Game Review
Wrestling video games have always been fun enough, but usually because of the imagination wrestling fans brought to them, rather than what was actually available in gameplay. ‘WWE ‘12′ is out to change all that.
You Could Win Big With FMX And The Texas Lottery
We've got your chance to win cool new Holiday Scratch Offs from The Texas Lottery. The new game is called "Silver Bells" and you can win up to $175,000.00 on each scratch off. Even better, we'll be giving away these $5 scratch off tickets in groups of five! Take a look a…
Hells Yeah! Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Coming! [VIDEO]
My personal favorite video game of all time is returning. Grand Theft Auto has kept me entertained since #3 was released years ago. I was one of the guys that grew up with Super Mario and stuff and never knew what video games could really be. Not until GTA came along that is.
Check Out AWOLNATION on a Video Game Trailer [VIDEO]
An old school football game called "NFL Blitz" is coming back after almost ten years. I can see why it's been ten years. Unless the game is a billion times better than this trailer, maybe it should be another ten. AWOLNATION even does the song in the trailer and it's not …
Rise Of Nightmares On XBox 360 [VIDEO]
This is crazy! Videogames are starting to look more and m0re scarier than movies. In fact, many movies are taking their cues from videogames.  This one is called "Rise Of Nightmares" and it looks like it's goal is to freak you sh@t out.

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