3DS Update Lets You Get Organized
There has been a metric poop ton of 3DS games and apps worth downloading, but the more you snatched up, the harder it became to access your stuff. The system’s aggravating interface lined up your games into a never-ending row of boxes, making it take forever to get to whatever you&Cl…
‘Rayman Origins 2′ is In The Works
Sometimes really cool games come along that hardly anyone wants to pay for — An example is Rayman Origins, a divine platormer that got critics all hot and bothered but couldn’t find much in the way of sales.
‘House of the Dead 4′ Game Review
Here’s a little history lesson for you kids out there — In the 90′s, light gun games were at the zenith of their popularity. Games like Lethal Enforcers and Virtua Cop lined the arcades.

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