30 Days Until Nightmare On 19th Street
Imagine a large package covered in black with orange ribbons. You step up, start to unwrap it, and out flies a thousand bats, followed by stumbling zombies, vampires and every other kind of ghost, ghoul and victim you can possibly think of. That is how we feel about launching a new year at Nightmare…
‘A Good Marriage’ Trailer: Marriage, Stephen King-Style
There's always plenty of Stephen King adaptations in the works, but here's one based on a story you might not be as familiar with -- and as a bonus, King himself wrote the screenplay. 'A Good Marriage' appears to examine a marriage through King's grisly lens, and the suburbs…
50 Days Until Nightmare On 19th Street
I guess you've noticed that Halloween stuff is already making it's way into stores.  From crafts to full on decorations, the isles are filling up with cool stuff.  I took a moment to look at my countdown clock and this ran a chill down my spine: it's only 50 days until the f…
‘True Blood’ Review: “Death Is Not the End”
‘True Blood’ season 7 spurts out its 4th episode of the final year, “Death Is Not the End,” as Eric and Pam return to Bon Temps just in time for Sookie, Bill and the others to mount a rescue mission at Fangtasia against the infected vampires, with deadly consequences.

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