Top 6 Movies About Werewolves [VIDEO]
It's been a minute since there was a good werewolf movie. I think a lot of that is because Hollywood lost the main subtext: that of a man fighting his animal side.
Top 6 Movies About Vampires [VIDEO]
Ready for some fun? I have 11 lists of scary movies to get you ready for Halloween (don't worry, the 11th list is movies NOT to watch). I hope to cover everything from Aliens to Murder Clowns.
Why Rob Zombie’s Movie ’31’ Matters [Spoiler Free]
I am very easily entertained. Let's just get that right out. I don't spend a lot of time looking for artist statements or even plot holes in movies. I look to relax and be told a story for 90 odd minutes. I found Rob Zombies new movie to be a perfect movie for horror fans.

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