Congress Fails Again
If a deal isn't done by New Years Day some people on unemployment will lose their benefits and about 160 million Americans will lose their payroll tax cut.  Everyone thought the deal was done, then Tea Party Republicans blocked the short term deal.  More after the jump.
Fox News Thinks The Muppets Are Communists [VIDEO]
Some of the many lessons in the new movie ‘The Muppets’ include the benefits of working together, remembering how important family is and that Fozzy Bear still tells corny jokes. But does ‘The Muppets’ teach kids to be capitalist-hating Communists?
Give An Idiot Pepper Spray and This is What You Get [VIDEO]
How many of you have seen the video of the cop that pepper sprayed sitting occupy protesters in California. I'm going to leave the actual politics out of this and just go with the fact that this dude must be a total douche bag to behave the way he did.
Vote Or Don’t [AUDIO]
Here's a great question for you, do your politicians really represent you?  You probably have a few small skeletons in your closet, so how can anybody who's led a really clean and straight life relate to your problems.  We ask that question next in our feature "Vote Or D…
In Most Cases, Servers Of Drunk Drivers Should Not Be Prosectued
I am sorry to those of you who have lost someone to drunk driving. It is probably one of the most unnecessary, sad and frustrating ways to lose someone, whether they were the ones that were drunk or whether they were hit by someone who was. I have no problem with drunk drivers being prosecuted, I do…
Supercommittee About To Go Superbust
It looks like the congressional "super committee" that was set up to fix the  budget, is about to declare the project a bust. I think this makes it official, our congress is broken and apparently, can't be fixed.  This means that, short of a miracle, automatic cuts w…
Mike Tyson Does an Awesome Herman Cain [VIDEO]
Mike Tyson did a hilarious impression of Herman Cain for Funny Or Die and he kind of nails it. I think the funniest part is just how absurd the whole thing is.
This is another winner for the Funny Or Die team for sure. I'm starting to like Mike more than ever now...
Big Corporations Walking On Little People
I really wanted to call this "Survival of the Sh@ttiest", but thought better.  I knew I'd work it in somehow anyways. I'm not sure what all of the "occupy" people really want, but there is one thing going on that I'd like to comment on.  R…

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