Naked PeTA Girls Shower On Sidewalk In Lubbock Tomorrow [VIDEO]
According to a press release I just received,
"Naked behind a banner that reads, "Clean Your Conscience: Go Vegan! 1 lb. of Meat Equals 6 Months of Showers," two PETA beauties will shower on a sidewalk together in Lubbock to let consumers know that the best thing that they …
Moamar Qadhafi on His Way Out
Libyans are celebrating as it appears Moamar Qadafi may be overthrown at any moment. Libyans are dancing in the streets, but the drama is not completely over.
Rick Perry Is Well On His Way To Blowing It
I want so bad for Rick Perry to step up and be the man I know he can be, then he speaks.  When I watch Rick Perry it's like watching a football team blowing a lead in the fourth quarter!  Read more after the break.
Let’s Give The Homeless Diarrhea!
The City Council has made a decision regarding feeding the homeless. The controversy "erupted" when a church group was cited for trying to take food to the "needy."
Texas Governor Rick Perry Will Run For President
I have a few problems with Rick Perry, but I have WAY less problems with him than with the "crazy wives club". Insiders are saying that Rick Perry will announce his intention to enter the Presidential race this Saturday.
Is Roseanne Barr Really Running for President? [VIDEO]
On last night’s ‘Tonight Show,’ Roseanne Barr announced that she’ll be running for president in 2012. Even more surprising is that she claims to be completely serious.
“I am running for president of the United States,” she said. “I’ve got to solve all the world’s problems. I’m totally serious because…
City Mayor Crushes Illegally Parked Car With Armored Tank [VIDEO]
Apparently, the Lithuanian city of Vilnuis has a problem with cars — in particular luxury cars — parking in its bike lines.
Citizens have taken to posting pictures of these illegally parked cars on social media. In response to the public outcry, Vilnuis mayor Arturas Zuokas staged an event in which h…

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