Rick Perry Just Lost One Vote
There is so much I like about Rick Perry that I thought I could overcome what I consider to be his "flaws". Now, he's pretty much shown that he's not the guy for me.  Read more after the break.
Is “Christian” The New “Organic”?
Looking for a marketing gimmick?  Why not call your business a "Christian" business? I noticed a story about a "Christian" gym and it got me wondering, what's the point?  Read more, or don't after the jump.
An Open Letter To The City Of Brownfield
The City Of Brownfield has not necessary welcomed the 4B Bike Rally with open arms.  Some of the citizens are still "up in arms" over the event.  Read more after the break.
Gwar Vocalist Banned from FOX News Channel’s Red Eye Show
Gwar vocalist Oderus Urungus has been banned from FOX News Channel's Red Eye show after making numerous appearances on the program. If you have ever been to a Gwar show you know that you are about to see some of the best 'Theatrical Metal Shock Rock' that is out there, and you better …
Cuts To Lubbock Health Department A Very Bad Idea
As with everybody these days the city of Lubbock is looking to tighten it's belt a bit, but I think they are looking in the wrong place.  It's well known that Lubbock has one of the highest std rates ANYWHERE, so why would you do anything to make the situation worse.  Read more a…

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