You Can Refuse During A “No-Refusal Weekend”
The concept of a "no-refusal" weekend is a bit scary. Cops can pull you over and force you to take a breath test or they can take you to jail and get you a blood test. This is partially true and I'll tell you what I know after the jump.
Lubbock Treats Policemen Worse Than Dogs
KCBD is reporting that the City Council will consider a request to survey damage at the old police station and begin identifying possible locations for a new one.  I'm going with they are "half-right" on this one.  Read more after the break.
Lubbock Is A Town Without An Identity
What happens when you have no identity? People come up with one and it's usually not very flattering. That's why some people refer to Lubbock as "Dirt City". Read more after the break.

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