Beyond Sticks And Stones [VIDEO]
Let's get serious here for a minute folks. It is impossible to turn the TV on these days and not hear another story about a kid that has committed suicide's after being bullied at school. This year alone there have been numerous cases right here in local schools and it seems it's brou…
Sunday Liquor Sales In Texas
Could we have Sunday liquor sales in Texas? Or better yet, should we have liquor sales in Texas. Yes we should. Read more after the jump.
LISD Board Meeting
By now we have all heard about the budget cuts going on at LISD. As of last week there had been a total of approximately 87 people laid off from central office, some special ed programs cut, and now additional school consolidation considerations...
USA Bombs Libya
I "get" the base reason why we bombed Libya-a merciless dictator is using incredible force to silence the opposition. So why are we there? Read more after the jump.
Natalie Maines-Gone for Eight Years
One of the d.j.s from our country station 99.5 The Bear told me it has been eight years since Natalie Maines opened one of her Wide Open Spaces and was shunned from the format. Man, country people hold a grudge a long time. Read more after the break.
Tent City Is A Bad Idea
I can predict the future and it's not good. The "tent city" that houses homeless in Lubbock will become a big problem. See why I think that after the jump.
L.I.S.D To Make Cuts
Our sister station KFYO is reporting the L.I.S.D. will be making some cuts to staff in it's central office. This is a tough one. First off, I can tell you that much like any other agency, there is a level of bureaucracy that needs to go. Read more after the break.
Lubbock Infamous Again
Seems like anytime Lubbock makes the national news it's for dumbass reason. This time it's a bit more serious. This time it's terrorism right here in the Hub that got us on the front page. Read more after the jump.
Mexican Restaurant Sign Fail?
This is a great billboard for a Mexican restaurant. I don't see why people are so upset. Most of the people that would be offended already tried the Kool-Aid.
Victor Hernandez Opens Debate [VIDEO]
In my opinion, Victor Hernandez has found the perfect bait and switch. If he can open up a can of worms over language, he can take the spotlight off the fact that he is a tax cheat. Now, it is documented that his taxes went unpaid for a long, long time...
Middle East Freedom
I really wanted the headline to read "Freedom is coming to the middle east; let's get the hell out of the way. Freedom is coming and it's not the result of guns, it's the easy flow of information that's fanning the flames. Read more after the break.
Rape in Egypt
Sorry, this isn't a fun blog to read or write. In fact, you may want to skip this one altogether. But if you care about your fellow Americans read more after the jump.

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