Lubbock Doesn’t Make Short List Of North Korea Bombing Targets
New intelligence out of North Korea suggests the rogue country would bomb four areas.  Washington D.C., Los Angeles California, Hawaii and Austin, Texas.  Uh, Austin?  What's up with that?  Why not Dallas or Houston, and how come Lubbock gets left out again?
Are You Wondering What That Weird Red Square Is?
You may see a weird red square popping up on some of your friends Facebook profiles.  That's the "marriage equality symbol".  It's just a way of saying that you think all loving couples should have the right to be married.  More after the jump.
It’s Time For Texas To Have Liquour Sales On Sunday
You cannot protect people from themselves.  It's also not your place to say when a person can have a drink.  Old prohibitions on liquor sales based on antiquated thinking or religious  teachings are out of synch with the real world.  More after the jump.
There’s A New Pope And I Really Don’t Care!
Doesn't it seem like the nightly news is ramming the "New Pope" up our rears a bit? Does it really mean anything to our daily lives? Who is this guy and why would he say "yes I'll wear silly hats for the rest of my life". Some very basic thoughts after t…
The Idiocy Over Synthetic Marijuana Begins In Lubbock
Who didn’t see this coming?  The Mayor saw it coming.  A lot of Lubbockites saw it coming.  Even then, the City council (I wish I could replace that “C” with a “Sh”) voted a ridiculous “ban&CloseCurlyDoubleQ…
Rick Perry Comes Out Against Gay Scouts
Rick Perry is a lughead.  He's also a bit of bully and lets not forget religious zealot.  We've seen it first hand.  Man, I'm calling names here, but we've experienced his mafia like security team at the radio station. His recent public statement that the Boy Scouts should keep their ban on gay scou…
What’s Wrong With America These Days, Jenna Marbles Style [VIDEO]
I think it's safe to say that there are a few things that really get some people (me included) really worked up. One of those things is religion, one is sports, and don't even bring up politics (unless you are willing to agree with me) all three are sure fire ways to get someone pissed off…
The President & A Lobster
I had one of those moments today in the supermarket. You know, where you wished you would have said the right thing at the right time, but didn’t.  I really was distracted and didn’t figure out what the chump was talking about until too late.   I was just standing there and this guy totally at rando…

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