Graduation, Already?!
I can hardly believe in a little over a month my baby boy will be graduating high school. I swear it seems like just yesterday he was just learning to walk and talk. Now the kid isn't a kid at all but a grown ass man!
Secret Service Agents, Former Presidents Visit Palo Duro Canyon
For those of you that live near Palo Duro Canyon yes all those men in dark colored SUV's with blacked out windows are scouting the town and surrounding area for prostitutes, wait I mean checking out the town in order to prepare for a visit by two former Presidents.

10 Daring Babies Escaping Their Cribs
Earlier this week we brought you ‘The Funniest Crib Escape Ever.” And that’s not faint praise, because the internet is full of videos featuring babies scaling the walls of their beds/prisons.

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