Wedding Proposal Gone Bad at UCLA Basketball Game [VIDEO]
I don't get what is so romantic about dudes that propose to their girlfriends in a big public way. I get that a marriage proposal is supposed to be a huge deal, but dudes that decide to ask a chick to marry them in front of huge crowds at sporting events are just... dumb!
This Week In Love Toys [AUDIO]
Leave it to Heathen!  Not just one, but two stories IN one about love toys.  Find out why they aren't a problem, then find out how they can be a problem.  Heathen has the story next:
The Meaning Of Life Explained
I was driving home yesterday when I stumbled upon "the meaning of life", seriously.  I almost instantly came out with a refined creed for myself, and maybe you, to use as a yardstick on "how you're doing".  I'm just one of those people who perf…
Marriage Isn’t Really That Special
I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. Yeah, it's one of those internet things. I studied a bit to make sure I perform cool marriages and I've had a few realizations.  Read more after the break.

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