ESPN Gamecast a Sweet Way To Keep Up With a Game
There are always situations where you can't get to a TV or a radio, and, maybe like me, you had work to do but want to keep up with the game.  Last night I headed over to ESPN and logged onto Gamecast.  Click through for
Superheroes Earbuds Are Out Of This World
Chances that you’ll ever be as buff as Superman or as flashy as the Green Lantern (can a man really wear a ring that big?) but you can dress up your ears while fighting crime in your mind.
iHip Discovery has released a line of Hi-Fi superhero earbuds so now you can walk the streets or work out while …
“Priest” A Great Find For Horror Fans [VIDEO]
I'm sure you saw the previews from this movie (if not, I'll have the trailer after the jump).  The preview featured a clip where a man in a rob throws some crosses in the air that turn into switchblade/shurkens that he throws at vampires.  It turns out that this movie delivers on…
Dean Koontz “Frankenstein”
Any readers out there?  After many, many moons, you can get all five volumes of Dean Koontz "Frankenstein".  I started the series in 2007 and managed to stretch my loyalty out for five years.  I was not disappointed.  More after the jump.
Cold Fish [Trailer/Review]
Yeah, I'm back on Netflix, barely. As you may know most of the stuff on the streaming service is horribly old and/or crappy. I accidentally signed back up when I thought they had some episodes of "Sons Of Anarchy" that I was missing. I still refuse the DVD by mail thing; with my bluray hoo…

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