8 Hot Video Games To Beg Santa For This Xmas
You’re excused if you’ve last track of all the marquee video games that have hit shelves in the past several weeks. Just like Tim Tebow, game publishers hold back their best stuff for the end. Even those of us who play and read about games constantly have trouble keep…
New Stillwell “Surrounded By Liars” [VIDEO]
I loved this band lived. I thought it was cool that those of us who caught them opening for Korn were the first to see them perform live on tour. The problem is, this song is "not so much". More after the jump.
WWE ’12′ — Game Review
Wrestling video games have always been fun enough, but usually because of the imagination wrestling fans brought to them, rather than what was actually available in gameplay. ‘WWE ‘12′ is out to change all that.
‘The Elder Scrolls v: Skyrim’ — Game Review
Sometimes video games give user the choice of whether to be a hero or villain who does whatever the hell he wants, and we’ll never understand people who choose the former route. Especially when a game such as ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ makes it so f…

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