Korn, ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ – Song Review
Throughout the ’90s, Korn were one of the most celebrated bands on the planet. The nu-metal pioneers pumped out hit after hit to their rabid fan base. A true testament to Korn’s auditory power was when ‘Freak on a Leash’ came in at No. 1 on MTV’s ‘Total Request Live,’ beating out N’Sync and the Back…
Newschannel 11 At Four Is A Win
I believe in fairness above all and I call 'em like I see 'em. With that in mind I have to call KCBD's news at four a win.  Read more after the break.
Survivor South Pacific Debuts Tonight [VIDEO]
My house goes on lock down when Survivor is on.  Sorry, I'm a big time geek for the show.  I love discussing the strategy and the backstabbing that goes on. I only like the "Redemption" theme that will be continued this season.  Read more after the break.
Jamey Jasta Solo Project Hit Or Miss? [VIDEO]
If you are a fan of Hatebreed, Ice Pick and the Headbanger's Ball then you are already familiar with Jamey Jasta. He is such a influence in all things metal. This last Tuesday his solo project entitled "Jasta" hit shelves. I have listened to the entire album and it didn't…
Volbeat Adds Tour Dates To Their North American Tour
If you have never heard of this band let me introduce you to Volbeat straight out of Denmark. Combining influences from Metallica, Social Distortion and Johnny Cash they are taking the world by storm! I was fortunate to see them in Chicago at the House of Blues and by far the best live show i have s…

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