The Karate Kid Football Kick Is Here [VIDEO]
Here's THE sports highlight of the week (especially after the way the Red Raiders and Dallas Cowboys played).  A running back delivers a new alternative to a straight arm move.
The Zen Of The Smashing Pumpkins And How You Can Change Your Mind
It's funny some of the things that stick with you through life. Little sayings, credos and whatnot.  I still remember, from when I was a really little kid, a poem that accompanied an article about motorcyclist/daredevil Evel Knievel.  It went "Never a horse couldn't be rode, never a rider could…
White Chocolate’s Completely Wrong Peanut Butter Pie
Add some BOOYA to this years Thanksgiving with an awesome Peanut Butter Pie!  I just took two of these to a party. There were 25 desserts on the table.  My two pies were gone before the other stuff was touched.  Yep, they're that good and anybody can make them.
Don’t Live Life The Half Ass Way
I saw something that really stuck in my craw the other day, and it's quite common around these parts. It was a very typical, very poor attempt at being politically correct.
What A Waste Of Your Time!
Every once in a while once of us will write or story or post up a video that we want to share with our friends. Then, some self-righteous windbag will write "...well that was a waste of two minutes of my time...".  Oh, really?

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