What A Waste Of Your Time!
Every once in a while once of us will write or story or post up a video that we want to share with our friends. Then, some self-righteous windbag will write "...well that was a waste of two minutes of my time...".  Oh, really?
Texas Tech Versus OSU: So Do We Rush The Field Or Not?
To me, the low point of the season was not last weeks lost to O.U., it was when (generally) underclassman rushed the field during games that really didn't matter much at the time.  Well. we're now 7-1 and back at home, so what do we do?
Sifting Through Xmas
Here's what I like about Xmas.  People are generally in a better than average mood.  Some people tend to think about others and give a little more.  Fudge.  That's about it.
A Little Internet Is A Dangeous Thing
I am such a huge fan of the internet. If you visit the right places you can find whatever information you want. I've researched everything from how to build roof gables to how to make brown gravy. The problem with the internet is, there's a lot of bad information out there, especially if y…
Advice From Two Old Men
Every once in a while someone will say something to you that will echo through your whole life.  I'm cautioning you now, I'm going to give you a single sentence and it will repeat in your head over and over at various points in your life.
This 3 Year Old Got a What Now? [VIDEO]
3 year olds say the funniest things. It's true! Although I have to give props to dad in this video for bringing the real funny. Plus notice how mom didn't deny what dad said either. Ah, kids. Awesome. "Don't shoot it at mommy, that's my job!"
Drive Through Dumbasses
I witnessed one of the most inconsiderate and even dangerous things ever at a drive through the other day.  Let me tell you my story, then I'd love to hear about the things you've seen.
The Reality Of Karma
Please note, I'm not trying to change minds or covert anyone.  I'm just offering my take on spiritual things.  I don't believe in any post death judgement and I don't believe "the universe" balances things out, I think it's all simpler than that.
Hey Wes, What’s Wrong With Your Face?
I've told this story before, but I don't want anything like this to happen to you.  People often come up to me and ask me why I'm mad, or if something is wrong.  I've always said that my face just "hangs" that way.

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