RockShow Quickie

RockShow Quickies: 4th Fun & More [PIX]
I certainly hope you had a great 4th of July. My neighborhood sounded like downtown Afghanistan or something. If fireworks are illegal in the city limits, then somebody forgot to tell us where the city limits are. The point being, is my favorite meme this week is the "little girl/4th of Jul…
RockShow Quickies: Cats & Chimps & Dads [PIX]
RockShow Quickies are back for another week of fun. We've got a jam packed gallery for you. I personally think any week that features a chimp meme is a good week. With that in mind, strap in and getting ready for some laughs.
RockShow Quickies: Bacon Boots & Baby Faces [VIDEO]
Are you ready for a new week of quickies, or are just here for the epic bikini in front of you? It doesn't really matter to us, just enjoy yourself. In this weeks edition of quickies we have dinosaurs and squnchy baby faces, bacon in the boots and more. Are you ready for the excitement? Well th…

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