Just for grins I Googled the question "how much does the typical bull weigh?" The answer I got was about 2,400 pounds. Then I asked "how much does a Volkswagen Beetle weigh?" The answer I got was 2,100 hundred pounds. Think about it, some bulls weigh as much as a slug bug with your fat butt inside! I don't think I need to belabor my point anymore, it takes some TOUGH guys to hop on one of these bulls.

Championship Bull Riding is coming to Lubbock, Saturday night, February 2nd. Yeah, it's a bummer that it's the same night as the FMX Birthday Bash, but this is a big town and it's great that we have entertainment options.

CBR brings the best riders and the best stock to the Hub for the West Texas Showdown. This is the real deal. Pageantry, danger, adrenaline, drama and pretty much every human emotion mix as these guys hop aboard these giant animals.

The format is pretty cool for this event with 24 riders coming to town. That's a pretty full night of bucking, riding, throwing and whatever else insanity breaks out.

If you'd like to read up on the circuit, check out their home website here.

Need a little more convincing? Check out this 'wipe out' reel from CBR!

I have a little bonus for ya. My friend Rodney Carrington shot a little promo video for his stuff and the CBR, check it out: