There are many know customs and practices associated with the holidays.  There is a little known holiday that the Rockshow just recently spilled the beans on.  The holiday celebrates the last work night before Santa's sleigh has to be packed for the trip.  More after the break.

The elfin holiday, which happens on December 23rd each year, celebrates the last opportunity the elves have to get toys ready (in essence, it's "Elf Labor Day").  The day is usually known by its Germanic name "Asgrienderfest" (pronounced "aus-green-der-fest).  Translated the holiday is "the festival of the ass-grinder".  It has also been referred to as Asgiendernacht or "night of the ass-grinder".

The nights end is celebrated with the "clanging of the hammers" and the exfoliating of Santa's back and shoulders. Elves in recent years have also adopted "the eating of the chili-dogs".  We even managed to uncover a carol that the elves sing in honor of the holiday.

"Clang your hammers oh wee ones, we are nearly done, squeeze the heads o' black, that rest high up on Santa's back, eat thy dogs of chili fast, for our work year is nearly past"

Happy Assgrinderfest everybody.