The more and more I play the Batman "Arkham" games, the bigger fan of the bat I become.  It's the 75th Anniversary of the character and it will be celebrated with "Batman Day" worldwide.  Now being newbs at the Bat-Celebrations, we reached out to the pros at Star Comics to see what they were doing.


Batman’s 75th Anniversary is officially upon us, on July 23rd, 2014! Star Comics is going all out for the big nation-wide celebration, with door prizes and a great selection of Batman comics and graphic novels! But that’s not all! We’ll also have discounts! We’ll have discounts so crazy Batman himself would lock us up in Arkham Asylum if he weren’t so busy deciding what graphic novels he wanted! Doors open up at 9AM on Wednesday, July 23rd to kick off the celebrations, so make sure you’re there bright and early at Star Comics, 2014 34th Street, to join the party as soon as possible! For more details as they happen, visit

Kind of sounds like a cool way to celebrate Batman day.  I've been wanting to get a copy of the Dark Knight myself.