Election times drive me crazy. First off, there are those that out and out lie to you. Then there are those who manufacture crisis's to look like they are doing something.  I received some type of mailer from Charles Perry and he looks to be one of the later.

Before we proceed, remember what I spelled out to you the other day.  Some politicians a. create something to scare you and then b. offer themselves as the solution to the problem they created.

David McNew, Getty Images

So I'm looking at his mailer here and Perry's main two selling points are apparently that he's a family man and a church deacon.  Okay, that means squat and nothing to me.  Charles Manson had a family and let's not even get into the abuses committed by SOME church elders.

Now it's onto his "achievements".  His top two are:

*Co-authored a Voter I.D. bill to stop illegal immigrants from voting

*Authored a bill to prevent illegal immigrants from getting discounted tuition rates.

First off, to be a honest, the first thing I thought was "this man has a problem with Mexicans".  Sorry, that's the writing on the wall here.  Now let's look at the issues.

Let's get number one out of the way.  In the last decade, that's ten years, there have been fewer than a dozen documented cases of illegal immigrants voting.  Okay, that's barely more than one person a year.  That's ONE out of a population 317 million people or ONE out of 146.3 million register U.S.. voters.  Since most elections are decided by hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of votes,this is NOT a problem.   Laws to the contrary don't make it harder for illegal aliens to vote, they make it harder for EVERYONE to vote.

Next up, are you SERIOUSLY tell me that illegal immigrants are coming into the U.S. and/or Texas looking for a discount to go to college?  You might as well tell me that we're going to space to make a salad.  It has to be one of the single most ridiculous claims I have ever heard in my life. You MIGHT find a case of a kid who was brought here by his parents long ago who tries to go to college, but that's not the implication here.  The implication is that there are gangs of Mexicans with a five gallon jug and a laptop computer making their way across the desert to go to our colleges.  And it's not like we're talking about anything other than a DISCOUNT here anyways.  It would be cheaper to go to college in their native country, then get a legal visa here.  And once again, SHOW ME where this has become a problem.

Now keep in mind that Charles Perry is from the "small government" party.  And what did he do?  He spent time and money addressing two non problems and created a ton of paperwork for the people the laws weren't even targeting.  I seriously feel like I'm stuck in crazy world here.  We could have built a road for this money. We could have paid down a bill. I would rather of paid for a hookers n' blow bash for Congress because it would at least be a one night thing rather than a long term hassles and a lie.

I am 100% positive that all politicians pull this crap to some degree, but this guy is seriously showing his ass here.  I'm aware that some of you are conservative republicans so this is "one of your guys", but can't you do better?  Isn't it your parties mission to cut red tape and cut spending?  Why do you allow this kind of nonsense to exist?  This is the kind of politics that exists only to get people elected, not to actually accomplish anything.