Some of you are far too young to remember "Psycho" or any of it's sequels and remakes of varying qualities. Basically "Psycho" was a prototype for many horror movies and now we have a near complete re-imagining of Norman Bates and his mother.  More after the jump.


The new "Bates Motel" puts Norman Bates and his mother in present times, but at their very beginning of their story (I don't want to say what's up with Norman's mother in the original story, just in case).  This treatment of the story from the creators and writes of "Lost" and "Friday Night Lights" looks a bit like old "Twin Peaks" territory.  "The Walking Dead has proven how great horror can be when great writers get a hold of it.  It looks like "Bates Motel" just may make the cut.  Check it out: