This last Thursday Zakk Wylde was roasted by some of his fellow musicians and comedians in the first ever rock and roll roast held by Guitar World.

Who better to be the first musician roasted than Zakk Wylde. He is a rock and roll beast playing guitar for Ozzy Osbourne and founded Black Label Society. This video shows Roastmaster Sharon Osbourne giving a little heads up with whats in store for Zakk Wylde. The roast featured Corey Taylor, comedian Brian Posehn and many more.

One of my favorite quotes from this night is Zakk talking about Scott Ian from Anthrax.  "Scott's 's been playing lots of poker lately, and like Anthrax, they can both barely pull a full house."

Then Zakk talked about Corey Taylor saying "Corey Taylor was in a TENACIOUS D cover band called PUGNACIOUS P. Now he's in a NICKELBACK cover band called STONE SOUR."

Check out a recap of the roast