People are always telling me, man you have the coolest job, you get to meet and hang with all the bands, go to all the shows, but this job is and will always be about the music.

The other day my buddy Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl gave me a call and told me "dude me and Jude Cole of Lifehouse are managing this band and I need you to get this band Wayland on the radio for me, could you please give them a listen and let me know what you think."  He sent me the song "Welcome To My Head" on my phone and from the first note I was like OH S**T this band friggin rocks!

The band is named after their hometown of Wayland, Michigan and released a 4-song EP back in December of 2011.

Like I said it's all about the music, check out the video directed by Jesse James Dupree ...