Anchorman 2 is on the way, but did you know there is already a second "Anchorman" movie.  Those who bought the special edition d.v.d. back in the day did.   Apparently somewhere during production the movie underwent a major re-write.  The footage shot originally focused on some political hippie back robbers (if you know your history, a Patti Hearst type thing).  Well, they spliced all those scenes together with just a few tiny bits of the real movie to make this a movie on it's own.  Yes, it's funny.  Maybe a little disjointed, but once again it was spliced together using unused and scrapped footage.  The good news is, you can now watch the whole thing for free on the interweb.  It's coming up next:

Here's the "lost" Anchorman movie. It's most notable for a very funny bank robbery scene which sets up the whole movie.  You'll recognize a lot of these stars like Maya Rudolf and Amy Poehler who didn't even make the final cut of the real movie.  Here you go: