I'm of the belief that Stone Sour's release of "Absolute Zero" & "Gone Sovereign" is kind of a sampler, and not the true "single" from the new "House Of Gold & Bones" Volume 1.  My reasoning is simple, while both songs are really good, neither is great, nor that memorable.  More after the jump.

I am a big Stone Sour fan.  How many of you have seen them twice in two nights?  I kind of think that makes me eligible to judge them just a bit.  The last Stone Sour album had 'extra' songs that were as good as these two.  This leaves me to believe that the guys are holding back the BIG tracks until we're a little closer to album release time.   There's nothing wrong with this process, a lot of bands do it.  They put out some songs that are 'done' why they continue to tinker with the ones that they think will really bring home the bacon.  Anyways, enough opinion, here's a lyric video for the two pre-releases.