I'm a big fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I pretty much loved the whole "return of John Frusciante" period from "Californication" through "By The Way" and the WAY underrated Stadium Arcadium.

The new album will be called "I'm With You" and features "new" guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. I use parenthesis around the word new, because Klinghoffer has pretty much been the fifth Chili Pepper since Stadium Arcadium. Even weirder, he worked with departing guitarist John Frusciante on his solo projects. They new project will probably feature keyboards because both Flea and Klinghoffer are proficient on the ivories. Klinghoffer is also expected to do some singing. The new project is set to drop August 30th.

The record company issued this new press photo today.